Left to right: Walter Alvarez, Eric Franklin, Byrne Offutt, Miguel Rodriguez, Erik MacPherson

Byrne Offutt - "Dickinson/Di'Anno"

Born in Dallas Texas, Byrne was raised on girls, guns, booze, and metal; not necessarily in that order. After attending his first concert, Iron Maiden opening for 38 Special, Byrne realized his lifelong dream and moved to Hollywood. He's performed in everything from movies to television, radio to cartoons, stage to sketch comedy. But all along he's stayed true to his roots; singin', screamin', and screechin' metal in dive bars all over the stinkin' city of LA. Byrne is excited to be a part of LA's premiere Iron Maiden tribute and is looking forward to tearing the house down. For more of Byrne's work, check him out on YouTube.

Miguel Rodriguez - "Murray"

Miguel is Maiden LA's native son having been born, raised, and educated in and around the City of Angels. He is a true student of the guitar, is predominantly self-taught, and is obsessed with tone, tone, tone. He cites a long list of influences. In his beginning years, he notes Kirk Hammett, Steve Vai, and their mutual teacher, Joe Satriani as being the primary drive to take the craft to the next level. These days he adamantly follows players like John Petrucci and Michael Romeo and also greatly admires the visionary genius of Frank Zappa and Robert Fripp. Miguel also holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is Maiden-LA's webmaster.

Proudly uses:
Mesa Boogie
Mills Acoustics
TC Electronic
RJM Music

Eric Franklin - "Smith"

Raised by his parents on Beethoven, Bach and the Star Wars Soundtrack, guitarist Eric Franklin started his musical journey on the piano at age six. By age twelve however, hearing the sounds of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Guns N. Roses and Led Zeppelin blast from his older sister's stereo, Eric eventually craved to learn music of a louder persuasion. Primarily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Jimmy Page, Zakk Wylde, Andres Segovia, Randy Rhoads, and Dimebag Darrell, Eric has shredded on stages all across the United States. Once even playing for his long-time idol, the legendary Dimebag Darrell. Dimebag's response? "TURN THIS FUCKER UP!!!!" In addition to his love for all things loud, Eric has done Classical Guitar Masters Classes with Christopher Parkening, Scott Tennant, and Pepe Romero.

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Gibson Les Pauls
Marshall and Mesa Boogie Amps
Dunlop, Boss & MXR Effects

Erik MacPherson - "Harris"

Born in the state of Rhode Island, Erik began formal music lessons at age 10. Piano and drums ultimately led to bass guitar at age 14 and Erik now holds a bachelor's degree in music from the very prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Regarding his influences, he says, "My favorite players are varied. Steve Harris and Cliff Burton were my first influences, mostly due to their aggressive tone and approach to the instrument. However, I also admire jazz players like John Pattitucci and Jaco Pastorius, as well as funk/soul players like Marcus Miller and the legendary Bootsy Collins from James Brown's band."

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Mesa Boogie
Music Man

Walter Alvarez - "McBrain/Burr"

Walter is the founding member of Maiden-LA. He was born and raised in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras - the heart of Central America. Like many teenagers around the world, his life was changed forever when he saw the legendary Live After Death video filmed at the Long Beach Arena during the Powerslave Tour. "There's something about Maiden that still gets me, to this day, every time", he says. Almost unbelievably, Walter taught himself the drum parts to Iron Maiden's entire 'Slavery show - with only two sticks and bedroom pillows! A dream was born at that moment - to come to the United States and found the ultimate tribute to Iron Maiden, a dream which is still unfolding today...

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